I am the co-founder and chief writer of “Curious Plan”. Actually, if you ask my husband, Stephen, he’d say I am the “do-er” and he’s the “ideas man”. He comes up with a half-baked, ingenious plan and I huff and puff around behind the scenes working out the practicalities to make it happen.

I’ve travelled all my life and love holidays. After almost two decades (gulp) of working in advertising I’d often sit at my desk daydreaming about handing in my notice or pleading for a sabbatical to take some time out to go travelling around the world. Luckily for me I married an explorer. Never one to sit still for long Stephen always has a glint in his eye and a “what next” attitude. He worked out a way for us to make this trip happen and made me brave enough to bite the bullet. Because of his passion, enthusiasm and sometimes downright persistence we jumped on a plane and started this amazing journey.

The main reason for this dramatic lifestyle change was to spend more time with our daughters whilst they are small. In a blink of an eye they will be trotting off to the school gates so it felt like an ideal time for us to escape before the demands of a more formal education became too pressing. Seeing things through their eyes opens up a whole different perspective to travelling. I would never have bothered to learn about “what ducks do all day in rice paddies” without Jessica’s curiosity and enthusiasm. Life isn’t perfect though - travelling with kids can be frustrating, maddening and exhausting but it is also entertaining, unpredictable and hugely rewarding. We are just trying to figure out how to be the best parents as we go along. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world; we all have ups and downs, good days and bad days, laughter and tantrums.
This blog is a chance to record our journey, share our stories and preserve our memories. Our daughters Jessica, three, and Amelia, one, inevitably won’t remember a lot about this time. Aged 3, and already more technologically advanced than me, one of Jessica’s favourite pastimes is to scroll through the iphone gawping at photos and videos. Pausing on one, she will then fire questions at me, to fill in the gaps and create the story behind the picture; Where are we Mummy? Where was I?, When was it?, Who were we with? What was I doing? Through the posts on here I hope to capture the stories, the precious memories and the tiny, otherwise forgotten, details that will inevitably fade over time.