A great way to look into any culture is through their food and cooking. We decided a fun way to get the whole family involved in the flavours; preparation and secrets would be a private cooking class at home in our villa.

Wayan Suriani came highly recommended to us through friends in Ubud. She has lived in Lodtunduh village, Ubud, for over 30 years and is well known for her authentic Balinese food amongst locals and visitors.

Offering a large range of dishes on her menu you can choose to suit your personal tastes. We plumped for our Indonesian favourites; Chicken satays, Babi Kecap (pork in sweet soya sauce), sauteed vegetables and side dishes of rice and spicy samba. We couldn’t resist a serving of the mouthwatering green pancakes with sweet banana, palm sugar and coconut to finish up. Placing our order with Wayan the day before our class gave her time to shop at the market in the morning and come armed with fresh, local, organic ingredients.

What a treat. We spent an informative couple of hours with Wayan preparing and creating the recipes passed down to her from generations She talked us through all the ingredients, techniques and let us in on many secrets of a true Balinese meal.

Having a private class in the comfort of our villa was perfect for us. A really personal and attentive experience. We all had a chance to get involved frying, chopping and tasting. Warm, friendly Wayan encouraged us to get stuck in at every step of the way. Being at home had the added advantage of toys and TV on hand when the girl’s inevitable boredom threshold was hit.

The best thing about doing a cooking class it that you get to eat everything you make. Our fun afternoon ended with a family feast where we all got to sample our delicious creations. Having devoured all Wayan’s dishes we arranged for her to come back and prepare food for us when we next had guests over for dinner. We get to sit back, relax and enjoy the culinary sounds and smells whilst eating a delicious feast for an amazing price. Wayan also offers personal grocery shopping which can be arranged with a simple phone call, text or email. She will purchase the best, fresh produce from the local market in the morning and deliver it to you the same day.

Contact Wayan here for her latest menu, classes and prices.