Technology is an essential part of travelling with a family. Here are is our list of must have technology for the travelling family.

No 1: Local Simcard

Sim cards are cheap and can provide you with a lot more these days than just a telephone number. If you plan to use your smartphone for more than just making telephone calls then this is a definite need. Ensure you purchase a SIM which includes data; access email, internet, Google maps or apps and avoid the extortionate data roaming charges for your home network.

No 2: Bose SoundLink Mini

A little on the expensive side, the Bose SoundLink Mini is a must of long term travel. Whilst, there are other Sound docks out there, it is hard to bet the Bose for its size, sound quality and seamless bluetooth integration. You will appreciate the investment when you've got the kids to bed and sitting down to a couple of cold beers and god tunes at the end of the day.

No 3: Hola, Hola, Hola, Hola, Hola, Hola!!

Hola is a must have for those children missing their favourite TV shows back home. Simply, Hola makes your computer think that it is in any country of your choosing; thus allowing you to access TV programmes restricted to domestic access. For example, we set Hola to the UK, and we can now access BBC iplayer, ITV catch up - Jessica doesn't miss out on latest Ben and Holly and Catherine want miss Downtoun Abby.

No 4: The GoPro

It's hard to go anywhere these days without seeing someone with a GoPro. The latest gadget on the Travel Wish list, there is good reason why every nomadic family should have one. Compact, light and versitile, the Go Pro wont disappoint. Fully waterproof and sturdy, the GoPro is great for taking swimming, hiking, bike riding, surfing, in fact, there is little the GoPro isn't good for.

No 5: The Tablet

"The iPad is your friend, it is your child's friend and it is the romantic couple sitting opposite you in the restaurants friend. Embace it!" However, treat this friend with the utmost of caution; it can be your best friend one minute (child anaesthetic affect) and your worse foe the next (wild, out-of-controlled, melting down, must have iPad, beastly effect).

If you can strike the right balance, ground rules then these are the must for the nomadic child!

No 6: Times Up for Kids App

Avoid the tantrums, purchase the Times Up App. This App prevents the iPad from being used after an allocated time. This should be awarded next years Nobel Peace Prize!

No 7: HDMI Cable: Cable of the Year

If your laptop or device (an accessory) has HDMI output, this cable is a winner. In brief, the Cable allows you to transfer the picture from your device / laptop onto a TV screen. Considering most hotels / villas have TVs, this will make watching a video / TV show for you and your children a lot more enjoyable than being restricted to 13" screen!

No 8: Child Headphones

There is nothing better than the sound of silence. No one wants Peppa Pig interrupting your conversations with your wife about paint colours and teething gels... if your committing the 'sinful tablet' then this is a non brainer.

No 9: KeepVid

KeepVid is a free software that allows you to download and save any videos from Youtube onto your PC. Once the video has been saved onto your PC it can then be easily transferred onto an iPad / Tablet Device. Now the children will be entertained for as long as you like with their favourite TV shows.

Wild Card: The Torch

Forget the practicalities of travelling with a torch; kids absolutely love torches!! After the sun has gone down and you can muster the energy for one more activity, take the kids on an adventure walk. Tell stories, make up names for strange looking insects and let them know how lucky they are to be exploring with the real Indiana Jones!

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  1. The Travel Spark

    Aloha from Hawaii,

    Just curious what camera you are taking all of your photos with. Are you using a DSLR or the Go Pro? They look great!

    • Teamtoms

      Hi there, glad you are enjoying the blog and thank you so much for your message. Sorry for the delay, we are currently in El Nido, Philippines and the internet is very poor. I use a Canon 600D for the photos. It is an intermediate camera with all the functionality you need. We love using it despite being bulky to carry around. We also use the GoPro but mainly for making fun little films with. Would recommend both cameras although there are newer models on the market- (Canon 650D and GoPro 4). Stephen


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