As you may have gathered from our other blog posts we're not particularly inclined to seek out the arty or refined things in life. Your more likely to find us building sandcastles or doing star jumps on the beach than trawling through dusty museums. Often, the closest thing we'll get to culture each day is our morning Yakult.

After driving past one of Bali's Top Ten Highlights on an almost daily basis we really thought we "should" tick it off. So it was with a bit of reluctance we dragged ourselves to the ARMA - Agung Rai Museum of Art. Well, I'm very pleased to admit it took us completely by surprise and was a real unexpected highlight of our time in Ubud.

The galleries are airey, spacious and well laid out. Most of the collections are from Balinese and Indonesian artists and a real mix of traditional and modern art. There are also lots of paintings from foreign artists who have drawn inspiration from Bali's beauty and culture. Most importantly with little ones to keep entertained, the galleries were small, and varied, enough for us to move through at pace.

Okay I admit we're still outdoorsy people at heart and the peaceful gardens were our favourite bit. The impressive grounds are a real hidden gem right in the heart of Ubud. With old school bridges, carvings, temples and plants galore Jessica loved wandering around and exploring. We finished up our visit in our private thatched bale overlooking lush rice paddies and giant water features. Settling back on the comfy cushions, we enjoyed complimentary beverages and the beautiful views.

If you plan to head to any of the museums in Ubud then make sure you make it the ARMA. A little bit of culture the whole family can enjoy.

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