It's 11.30am on Sunday morning and I'm sweating profusely. Jessica is on my shoulders and together we're twirling, whirling, spinning, swaying, wiggling and clapping on a packed dance floor at Yoga Barn in Ubud.

To our right there is a half naked man gracefully gliding and dipping like an elegant ice skater. Just in front of us a tasseled, bikini-clad girl is hula-hooping as if her life depends on it. The music slowly builds and whips the crowd into a frenzy of arms in the air, big smiles on their shiny faces.

I'm in awe and don't think I have ever seen so much positive energy in one room. The hugely popular Sunday Dance has a devoted following and every week literally hundreds of people gather to get their groove on. It's about music, movement and community; letting go of your inhibitions and dancing your cares away.

The dance floor is a melting pot of people; every background, shape and size, spanning young and old. There are loads of kids in the crowd and at 14 months old Millie is the youngest. The oldest are probably somewhere in their 70's but due to a Bali lifestyle of fresh air, healthy food and good living appear much younger.

It's quickly apparent that anything goes here. Dress wise, think relaxed hipster festival vibe - some opt for yoga wear, some neon, some lycra and some glitter. Some don't wear very much at all and are all bare, glistening torsos. Relaxed, happy people enviably comfortable in their own skin. To be honest if I was that slender, toned and lithe limbed I'd be pretty comfortable in my own skin too!

Okay, I fess up - I'd been dreading coming. The idea of dancing in broad daylight, sober, with a bunch of strangers sounded nothing short of mortifying. We're British for goodness sake - looking uncomfortable on the dance floor is up there, along with moaning and talking about the weather, as top British traits. Sometimes we even manage all three at the same time. For the first twenty minutes we stand awkwardly, swaying self-consciously on the edge of the dance floor. Massively out of my comfort zone the question "what are we doing here?" keeps running through my head.

Thank goodness we had our kids with us - their innocence and carefree attitude is infectious. Millie doesn't miss a beat, busting out her best moves and shrieking occasionally. Jessica enthusiastically grabs Steve and insists on spinning and twirling around. With our girls to distract us we slowly shake of our shyness and start to acclimatise. Before you know it we're in there whirling dervishly with the best of them. No-one even bats an eyelid, they're all too busy enjoying the music and dancing their own socks off.

Sunday Dance was utterly unique and unlike anything we've ever done before. We left feeling pumped for the day through all the dance induced endorphins. It's a proper feel good fix of great music, happy people and good energy - totally exhilarating. We'll be back same time next week, but this time we'll leave our inhibitions at the door.

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