I have to agree the island of Koh Lanta is one of Thailand's best kept secrets. I'd never even heard of it 2 months ago, but the more I read, the more it sounded like the perfect place to break our travels along the Andaman coast.

Of all of Thailand's islands Koh Lanta is one of the best all-rounders with a tranquil get-away-from-it-all vibe. It's a long, skinny island approximately 30km long and 6km wide; a perfect size for exploring and you can easily circle it in a couple of hours. Fringed with 11 sweeping golden beaches along the west coast it's uncrowded enough that with a bit of luck you can still find a stretch of deserted sand all to yourself. The interior is blessed with lush, green mountains, mangrove forests and hilly national parks to explore.

Koh Lanta has something for everyone and amongst it's visitors you'll find a hotchpotch of backpackers, retirees and lots and lots of families. It was love at first sight for us and the longer we’ve spent here the more it has grown on us.

The island offers a perfect balance - developed enough to offer everything you need but quiet enough to offer a relaxing, slow pace of life. It's all about kicking back and taking it easy. Unlike some of the other larger, more developed islands along this stretch of coast it's still a bit rustic. Resorts and bars dot the miles of beachfront but it's far from overdeveloped - there are no chain resorts and no high rises which helps preserve the relaxed, tropical atmosphere.

Koh Lanta and is certainly one of the most family-friendly places we’ve stayed so far. We been spoilt for choice with great places to eat, drink and hang out. Kids are really well catered for with their own special menus, play areas and highchairs for the tiniest ones (a rarity across the rest of Asia). The beaches are wide with plenty of space for sandcastles and the sea is calm and shallow. The people we have met here have been kind, welcoming and full of smiles and the island certainly feels like one of the safest places we have travelled.

Koh Lanta is certainly one of Krabi's most chilled out islands; the perfect place for us to slow down and stop for a while. We’re a little bit in love with Koh Lanta and would recommend it to anyone - we’re sure you’ll love it too.

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