The little island paradise of Bantayan Island is found at the northern tip of Cebu island. Nestled in the Visayan sea in the Philippines the beaches will blow your mind, powdery white sparkling sands slipping into the bluest sea you will ever clap eyes on.

There is no easy way of getting to the island, but your efforts will be rewarded. All the faff of buses, ferries and tricycles will quickly fade away when you discover what this laid-back tropical island has to offer.

Exotic beaches to bask on and once the sun goes down you’ll be treated to spectacular sunsets and a sky twinkling with the brightest stars we’ve ever seen. Despite the tragedy of Typhoon Yolanda that devastated the island in 2013, you’ll be touched by the warmth, positivity and smiles of the locals as they look to the future and rebuild their lives.

As yet untouched by mass tourism Bantayan Island is guaranteed to make you smile and soothe your soul. Here’s a glimpse of our favourite spots on this stunning island…..

Sante Fe

Paradise Beach

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