Curious Plan celebrated the grand old age of 6 months this week. And we’ve come a long way since our butterfly tummy churning, nail-biting launch in Bali.

We’d like share this milestone with you and say a big thank you for all your support and encouragement so far. We’re always flattered when people respond so warmly to our blog and take the time to pop by and say hello.

The blog has given us so much already. As well as a wonderful place to record our journey, share our stories and preserve our precious memories it has become the love of my life (well after the rest of Team Toms and travel of course….)

Taking the time and space to write helps me sort out my scrambled thoughts and sharing my ramblings about life on the road with little ones really does help keep me sane. We love to give back to everyone who takes the time to read our blog. We hope our discoveries capture your imagination and our tips help you navigate travel with little ones more confidently.

There are so many fabulous blogs out there and we’d love to grow our lovely, loyal followers of Curious Plan and see what heady heights our travel writing could take us to. We’re always honest on the blog and if we’re honest we’d be stupidly pleased if we got the recognition of a nomination (or even fingers crossed an award!) this year.

Voting has just opened for the Brilliance in Blogging awards, organised by Britmums. Each year these awards celebrate bloggers, blogs and all things blogging.

We’re entering the Travel category for blogs that are passionate about travel and discovery. “A blog that shows, via pictures, evocative descriptions and a realistic perspective of travelling with kids.”


It’s not terribly British to strut our stuff and blow our own trumpet but just quietly it would mean the world to us if you enjoy our blog and took the time to vote for us.

Anyone can vote from anywhere in the world. You can vote for any blog in any section, but you cannot use the form more than once. Voting starts 17th March and closes 12th April midnight.

If you choose to vote for us you will need our url : and email (just click on the badge to go to the form) and don’t forget it’s the Travel category. Anyone taking the time to vote it really does mean a lot. So thank you.

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