You know you’re in for a treat when you’re headed for the #1 island in the World according to Condé Nast and The Huffington Post. Palawan in the Philippines certainly is the most beautiful place on this planet we’ve ever been lucky enough to visit.

El Nido at the northern end of the island is absolute paradise. The beaches are jaw-droppingly stunning - long, crescents of powdery white sand, nestled against a backdrop of palm trees and lapped by the most incredible turquoise blue waters. And the best bit - hardly anyone on them…..

The beaches, lagoons and underwater life will amaze you. Charter a private boat and head out into the archipelago to discover your very own desert island paradise, stunning lagoons with looming limestone cliffs and colourful corals.

2015 is the year of the Philippines and it’s being touted as the next big travel destination in Asia. With a new international airport opening in Palawan in under two years book your ticket now before everyone else does! If you’re looking for paradise you can’t miss this place.

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  1. Kelly

    We are seriously thinking of making the Philippines our last destination for our 12 month RTW trip. Would you suggest anywhere in particular to stay in el Nido? Thanks. Looks unreal.


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