Of all of the islands we visited in the Philippine’s Bohol was our absolute favourite. A proper all-rounder with a tranquil get-away-from-it-all vibe and something for everyone. We were enchanted by this special place and made some amazing memories in our stay here.
Located right in the middle of the Philippine archipelago in the island of Visayas. Bohol is the tenth biggest island in Philippines and has 75 small islands surrounding it. People come to Bohol for beautiful white beaches, it’s lush nature and incredible wildlife. For world-class snorkelling and diving. And they come for a taste of it’s rich colonial Spanish heritage.

We came to hit the beach, explore the magnificent Chocolate Hills, and meet the bug-eyed Tarsiers but we got so much more.
Here’s our most memorable bits:

Absolutely hands down; one of the best things we’ve done on our travels so far. One of those days that will stick in our heads forever filled with pinch-yourself moments.

From the moment the sun peeked over the horizon it was jam-packed with beauty on every level – land, sea and sky. I’ll never forget the girls excitedly spotting dolphins off in the distance, swimming with graceful giant turtles in the most incredibly colourful corals and bouncing across the waves back to shore beaming from ear to ear.

You’ll find plenty of fishermen on the shore of Alona Beach happy to negotiate a trip out on their Banga boat – if you ever find yourself in Bohol you’d be mad to miss this!

You can combine a trip to Balicasag with a stop-off at this incredible sweeping sandbar literally in the middle of the ocean. Wading through crystal clear waters and star-jumping in splendid isolation was a proper highlight.

Hire a scooter, a car or a driver and explore the island at your pace. There is no better way to encounter amazing nature, meet locals and get a real feel for the island. Filipino traffic is fine, people drive slowly and there are signs all over the island. If you do happen to get lost, no worries, everybody speaks English and will be happy to help you out.

At the Ecotourism and Adventure Park you can cross the stunning gorge at a knee-knocking 150m high. Enjoy a magnificent birds eye view over the tropical paradise – the emerald Loboc River and lush green forests below are an absolute feast for the eyes. Choose the rickety cable car or fly superman style across the zipline or do the combo deal and try both! Brilliant value, brilliant views and brilliant fun.

Head inland to experience Bohol’s most iconic landmark – the natural wonder of the Chocolate Hills. Basically, it’s a cluster of lots and lots of odd-shaped conical hills, literally thousands of them. They dot the landscape as far as the eye can see. It’s hard to describe these strange geographical mounds but worth checking out the unbelievable scenery for yourself – sunrise, dusk or sunset are the best time to go. The green hills turn brown in the dry season, so they look like dollops of chocolate, hence the delicious name.

This gravity defying crossing takes you over the Sipatan River in the Municipality of Sevilla, Bohol. The hanging bamboo bridge has recently reopened after the original one was swept away after flooding last year.

Stepping onto the bridge is a little daunting as the woven bamboo deck bends, sways and bounces quite alarmingly. Keep your eyes peeled for missing slats and make sure you mind the gaps! Once you’ve safely swayed your way across to the other side you’ll find a small shop with souvenirs, cold drinks and snacks. It’s also home of “The Buko King”; famous for stripping a coconut (buko) 10 seconds using just his teeth…

A memorable crossing nestled in stunning tropical surroundings – the girls were super brave giving it a go before we all decided to leg it back to the safety of solid ground!

The Tarsier is one of the smallest primates in the world, tinier than a human hand (85 to 160 millimeters). They are incredibly shy, nocturnal animals, spending most of the day sleeping in hidden places.

Because the Tarsier is nervous and reclusive, noise, touching and camera flashes can really stress the animal. With that in mind we questioned whether it was fair to try and visit these strange, tiny creatures. Luckily we found lots of positive reviews for the Tarsier Conservation Area and have to agree we were reassured by the educational approach and protection of the Tarsiers in their care.

The girls were fascinated trying to spot the strange, cute animals nestled in the trees and enjoyed learning fun facts about them. Just steer clear of any of the unofficial Tarsier tourist traps as they keep the animals illegally and sadly they don’t survive for long…

We stayed a hop, skip from Alona Beach, the most famous strip of sand in Panglao Island. A long stretch of white sandy beach, lined with coconut palm trees and lapped with crystal clear water. With plenty of shade it’s perfect for bucket & spade days and you can find giant starfishes and a reef straight off the beach. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the incredible underwater wildlife on offer from dolphin watching to whale spotting, diving with barracudas and brilliant coral formations.

White sand, crystal clear water, palm trees and a breathtaking sunset. Do you need any more excuses to go here? Alona Beach is scattered with bars, restaurants and resorts along shoreline – pull up a beanbag, grab a frosty beer and settle in for an incredible sunset.

Healthy, organic food in a stunning location. We loved browsing the bee farm products – don’t miss the delicious home-made muffins and breads. Once you’re finished shopping head upstairs for an organic ice-cream in every flavour imaginable – coconut, chocolate, mango and peanut were our family favourites!

After 4 weeks holed up in teeny-tiny rooms across the Philippines we were so happy to check into our very own cottage at Flower Garden. Space to spread out, a kitchen to rustle up meals in, a sofa to lounge on and even an upstairs, seriously home from home. Set amid lovely tranquil gardens we loved lazy days splashing about the pool. The owner could not be more helpful or welcoming and a fridge that magically refills with beers and refreshments every day… We couldn’t have wished for anything more!

Shady hammocks swinging between the palm trees, the waves gently lapping at the shore, a picture-postcard beautiful beach and the bluest, calmest water we’ve ever clapped eyes on. A day at the Bohol Beach Club is a day in paradise. The resort is laid-back luxury, the food is delicious, the beers are cold and view is unforgettable – we love the BBC.

After 10 days we’re already dreaming about when we can come back to this incredible island – Bohol is a truly special place where we’ve made so many amazing memories. It really does have something for everyone – pack your bags and get there soon – it can’t stay this good forever.

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