We were lucky enough to be in Mahé at the same time as the biggest event in the Seychelles calendar – Carnaval International de Victoria! Bright colours, beautiful people and booming beats take over Mahé's streets for a weekend-long party. Held over a 3-day period this is the carnival of carnivals and huge crowds line the streets of Victoria to enjoy the spectacular of sights and sounds.

Now in it’s fifth year, the Seychelles Carnival 2015 kicks off with a procession of over 60 colourful floats. The parade theme this year is “The Melting Pot of Cultures” showing off the unique cosmopolitan mix of people from all around the world who have made the 115 Seychelles islands their home.

Carnival heavyweights Brazil, Notting Hill and Germany are joined by many acclaimed troupes from around the world, who come to strut their stuff and thrill the crowds as the parade waltzes through the city centre of Victoria. With everything from revolving globes, giant mechanical tortoises, masked costumed dancers and buffalo drawn carts; everyone pulls out the stops to impress and be the best.

The fun then moves to Freedom Square with crowd-pleasing shows, music, dancing and local DJ’s mixing tunes well into the evening. Stalls serve up delicious Creole favourites of grilled fish, spicy chicken, curries, chutneys and chapatis and frosty beers are on tap.

Sunday is Kiddies Carnival; a day of family fun with school parades, bouncy castles, shows and activities aimed at the little ones.

This colourful event brings the lively, fun ambiance of international carnival time to the islands and is a real highlight. If you’re lucky enough to be in the Seychelles around this time then don’t miss this party time in paradise.

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