Meandering through the backwaters of Kerala is one of the things we dreamed of as we planned our India trip. The famous palm-fringed, emerald backwaters lived up to expectations and are quite simply beautiful. With nothing to do but kick back and watch the world float by we loved our time here on our adventure through India

We ummed and ahhed a lot about whether to stay on a houseboat or keep our feet on dry land a homestay. With two small people to manage (and to preserve everyone’s sanity), we eventually decided against spending a night aboard a houseboat. Instead, we stayed at the cosy Back Water Farmhouse homestay where we got to keep our feet on dry land and explore the watery world when it suited us. A homestay also lets you experience real Kerala with home-cooked meals and a friendly and warm local welcome into village life in the backwaters.

Where to start when there are so many good things to say? The view from our waterfront deck was incredible - swaying palm trees, rippling waters, swooping kingfishers - a proper feast for the eyes. Kicking back in the comfiest chairs I have ever sat in reading our books overlooking the backwaters was a proper highlight.

Our stay also included a two-hour ride in a canopied canoe and our sunset paddle with “Sugu” the boatman was just idyllic. Floating along the offbeat waterways gazing over paddy fields and coconut trees was just perfect. The slightly-terrifying walk along the skinniest of canal banks was made worthwhile by the glowing picturesque sunset.

Out on the backwaters it’s so tranquil you only hear the sound of the wind; the chirping of the birds and the water rippling as the boatman rows the boat along. Just peace and quiet; well until the girls got bored and then it was endless rounds of i-spy and a “wind the bobbin up” medley. After 2 hours of preventing anyone from tipping overboard, we were grateful for our decision to stay on land and return to the space and freedom of our lovely homestay.

Taking our own little dug-out canoe out for a paddle the following morning was one of the most memorable moments of our trip so far. Cruising down the waterways spotting wildlife, chasing ducks, gazing up at palm trees and discovering lily-filled lagoons was out-of-this-world beautiful. We felt like proper explorers out on the water on our own and minor celebrities when half the local village appeared on the river banks to point, smile and wave at us.

Our two days in the backwaters were such a special time filled with beautiful things land, water and sky, by far our favourite corner of Kerala so far.

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  1. Chris Toms

    The girls look wonderfully happy together it will be great to see them and both of you as well! Happy travelling home! love to you, Chris


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