Lastly, but certainly not least comes little Amelia, aka Millie. The smallest member of the team with the loudest mouth. For a one-year-old, Bali is no different to London; it is all she has ever really known. She crawls on a floor, sleeps in a cot and plays on a mat; she is too occupied with growing than living in Bali.

We are still getting to know Millie, but she’s certainly happy, determined, strong-willed and confident. She has her own way of doing things, which is the right way. Noisy and sociable she has a smile and a wave for anyone who catches her eye. With her bright blue eyes and curly blonde locks, she is a minor celebrity in Bali and frequently stopped for photographs and general adoration. A proper little dancing queen she loves music; a mere whiff of a song and she's off swaying and moving to the beat. She also has a destructive streak; as quick as Jessica can build a Duplo house you can be sure to find Millie knocking it down.
Having left London just as Millie was starting to sample solids I think it’s fair to say we didn’t follow a strict rule of weaning. This is reflected in her interesting and unusual palette - move over rusks and Weetabix, Millie's current favourite flavours are chicken satays and black olives…. She has spent more than a third of her life in Bali and luckily she's the only one who's doubled her body weight since arriving. Millie has also grown 6 teeth, learnt to crawl, taken her first shaky steps and say her very first words “bye bye”.