In the bucket-list age, where we all feel the urge tick the box and move on to the hottest new destination as quickly as possible, there’s something to be said about returning to the same place.

We spent much of our thirties as a couple checking places off our wish list: A short-break in Paris, a sunshine holiday in Cuba, a romantic honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Always in search of a hot new destination, discovering the next big thing. The thought of returning to the same place seemed like a waste of a passport stamp; a missed opportunity to try somewhere new or experience foreign lands.

Travelling with small people in tow has certainly taught us to slow down and curb our propensity for gadding about; move less and see more. Stop awhile and savour places. See somewhere through the eyes of a local rather than with our head stuck in a guidebook seeking out the sights. That said we’ve still taken almost 30 flights across three continents to 10 countries and slept in over 55 different beds in the past year and a half on the road.

The constant excitement and stress of navigating a new place every few days left us craving our simple Bali routine. Lazy mornings, sipping on coconuts from our favourite café, sunset swims, and frosty beers on the beach.

We grew a special attachment to this beautiful island halfway around the world from home. It has, in a way, become a home away from home, offering the comfort of familiar faces, places and rituals. A place to unpack, to unwind and get settled for a while. There’s no pressure to do anything, see anything, go anywhere, tick anything off and that’s just perfect.

It's no wonder, so many expat families choose to stop in Bali a while. It’s a beautiful island, tropical enough to offer adventure yet developed enough to offer familiarity, safety and a whole heap of experiences. The warmth of the people, an incredible foodie scene and plush affordable accommodation is the icing on the cake. Blessed with stunning scenery and natural beauty it’s good to be back amongst the lush green rice paddies and crashing waves.

The newly opened Roemah Peranakan is our home for the next two months, and we've fallen on our feet here. We took a risk and booked it unseen a few months back, but the photos don't do justice to how beautiful and charming this place is. The small collection of traditional wooden houses nestle around a stunning, tropical garden and pool with plenty of communal space for us to rest, work and play. With timeless, quirky interiors they're spacious and well equipped with every creature comfort. Welcoming neighbours and a playmate for Jessica have helped everyone quickly settle back into life in Bali.

We’re also lucky enough to have hired wonderful help with our girls. Our year on the road together 24/7 has been amazing, but our days have also been heavily laced with chaos, yelling, wrestling, grazes, germs and occasionally taking us to the brink of insanity.

It’s nothing short of wonderful to yell “Bye” at the door every morning and flounce off for some uninterrupted quiet time. To finally have the time to think new thoughts, try new things and make some decisions about what’s next once we settle back into the Melbourne nest.

Being back in Bali has brought home how much travel shouldn’t be about checking places off a list. It’s about forming a relationship with somewhere special in the world. The beauty of going back to a place is that you pick back up where you left off.

Travel isn’t just about discovery, hot destinations and what’s new. It’s about rediscovery and keeping your eyes wide open—even when you're somewhere familiar. Bali, it’s good to be back….

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